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Date posted: 02/09/2021

Covid-19 UCL Report

UCLC Covid-19 Report: 'How Businesses Can Emerge Ready for the Workforce Return?’

Savile Row Projects commissioned a team of experts in virology, construction, behaviour, and architecture from UCL Consultants, part of UCL Innovation & Enterprise, and property professionals, to examine multiple strategies and products which will help limit the transmission of COVID-19 and other viruses in the workplace.

The study aimed to provide landlords, business owners and facility managers with independent and unbiased decision-making guidance that is rooted in science with short, medium and long-term practical recommendations.

The key findings conclude that embracing these improvements will support and reassure workers within the new office environment returning to work. The summary recommendations, drawn from scientific research, will not only help tackle the transmission of viruses such as COVID-19 but will support the reduction of absences from other illnesses and conditions, reduce psychological distress, improve sleep activity patterns, improve stress recovery and cognitive performance.


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