It's all about the glass

A vertical river of glass brings a lightness to system glazing, hiding the structure behind reflected surroundings lending a contemplative mood to the design.

The floating glass is elegantly expressed using recessed tracks. The glass is bonded to the glazing and door frames and the door itself obscuring a structure that gives acoustic performance up to Rw 53dB and heights up to 7m.

A flexible modular system wall, System 2300 glazed fronts integrate with solid panel cross walls to facilitate organisational change. Designed around Strahle’s patented steel mullion, integration with solid panels and system cross walls is seamless allowing reconfigurations with minimal components.

System 2300 reconfigurations are quicker than drywall allowing clients to react to changes and use their office space more efficiently. By harnessing Strahle’s patented steel mullion and planning around standard module sizes reconfigurations can take place over a weekend.



  • Design

    Mullion based, flush bonded glazing with no visible frame. 100mm or 125mm deep

  • Glass

    Double glazed up to 8mm toughened or 8.8mm acoustic laminated glass

  • Frame profiles

    Aluminium floor profile 50 or 80mm, 35mm aluminium head profile

  • Height

    Doors up to 3m. System height up to 7m

  • Finish

    Anodised frame finish in 6 colours or PPC finish to match RAL colour. Back painted glass, grey, black or white

  • Acoustic performance

    Glazing up to Rw 53dB

  • Doors

    Flush bonded framed double glazed doors up to Rw 44dB

  • Ironmongery

    Lever and latch or pull handle with concealed closer. Drop down acoustic seal full length

  • Sound insulation partition

    • Rw 53dB

Technical details

A wall of glass: a continuous reflective surface is created by bonding glass to all visible glazing frames including doors and door frames. The glass is back painted to ensure a consistent finish and is available in grey, black or white.

Recessed tracks: Creates a series of floating frames in a robust, elegant system. Finished in anodised aluminium in a choice of 6 colours or PPC to RAL colour

Steel mullion structure: Patented steel mullion can accept any type of panel giving ability to change look and use of the product. A range of accessories can be installed through the system using the same mullion.

Superior anodised aluminium finish as standard. We offer both PPC painted finishes and anodised aluminium finishes to our partition and door frames. The anodised finish captures the beauty of metal bringing out the soft sheen of the base material. Particularly complimentary to timber veneers. Available in six colours to give design freedom.

System can be demounted and rebuilt many times with minimal components and a long product life cycle.

7m high possible: Using a mullion and transom structure means designers do not need to compromise on transparency and slab to slab installation becomes possible.

Ultimate acoustic performance - Glazed elements up to Rw 51dB at 100mm deep or 53dB with 125mm deep system.

  • Flush bonded frame with recessed head detail

  • Flush bonded frame mullion connection

  • Flush bonded frame with recessed floor detail

  • Flush bonded frame wall abutment detail

Related Case Study


All-glass walls and flush structural glazing walls were used in the office area, with black profiles and high-end wall panelling.

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